Here are some friendly tips for success for WeSayWePay Project Managers.

WeSayWePay is for people ready to take action – not just kick around an idea. Please read our basic guidelines and our terms first. Remember no money will ever be released or fees charged unless the funding target is reached in full.

PLAN- you need to do your homework - how it will work, how much money you need to make it happen (if you want to look good).
  • Be prepared to lead, devote some time & communicate regularly with your supporters (a presence on social networks will help you).
  • Register and test that your PayPal account is verified. Complete fully your profile information (picture, video, links) so supporters get to know you.
  • My Profile Account settings
  • Complete the project details with care. Remember its you whom supporter’s will back so convey your aims and why it matters to you (facts and correct spelling is vital) – naturally and honestly. With images and video for impact.
  • Get some inspiration. Writing tips. About Goals. Editing project details
  • Think realistically about the funding requirement (Project Amount) and a timescale for delivery (Deadline), as you won’t be able to change these later.
  • Project timings. Editing project details.
  • Be credible. Post any background details that will clarify or satisfy the uninitiated. Provide quotes for professional help, research, or any permission needed.
  • Supporting documentation.

FUND - Plant the seed to start the funding period. Aim to reach as many contributors as possible to reach your target. But keep watering it…
  • Once your Project page is submitted make a note of your project link and some guide text to email as many people as you can.
  • Use the ‘Spread the Word’ feature to post your project to Twitter or Facebook or post your project link anywhere else like forums.
  • Spend a few minutes a day or every few days to monitor progress, respond to comments and circulate news. Talk about it on Facebook and Twitter freely though avoid ‘guilt-tripping’ or spamming (like posting your project on others’ projects)! It will backfire
  • Answering queries. Posting updates.
  • Have stamina. Conveying your passion and dedication will overcome possible skepticism and surges of activity - usually at the beginning and end – even close supporters may holdback until a ‘tipping point’ – usually halfway. Remain resolute.
  • We send timely emails when deadlines are looming or when funding or comment updates are made. PR and news about WeSayWePay will also help raise awareness.

GO! - Get started right away – it’s funded – congratulations you’re ready to deliver!
  • You have the money. Show your supporters exactly what you have done it.
  • Keep an open dialogue with your supporters – they are your captive audience - so tell them about other plans you may have.
  • Answering queries. Create another project.
  • Congratulations - you’ve proved what we can make happen when we choose to come together. Make sure you tell everybody!
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