Act Local

WeSayWePay provides the temporary framework for individuals to work effectively as a group. And through the amplifying power of social networks you gain the reach to fund social projects and activities: clubs, ad-hoc projects, events, whip-rounds, all sorts of projects - from Wills and Kate 'big-lunches’ to flood protection - whatever is important to you and localism in your community. Don’t let bureaucracy dampen your desire to contribute to your community.

A new way of community fundraising. Act local! Get involved! Get creative! WeSayWePay is a new platform for people not just through incorporated bodies and charities.

The platform connects project managers with contributors and supporters. It’s the project manager’s job to define a project (with a credible timetable, budget and objective). And with that comes the responsibility for persuading others that they have the drive, the vision that they can make things happen. There’s only one guiding principle - that any ad-hoc project is of social, collective, mutual benefit or has shared aims, for the Common good.

WeSayWePay offers everyone a way to contribute, as time is precious. And we're not all driven to lead. If you are happy to support others in getting projects off the ground - through funding - or even by helping to publicize or offer other support and advice, that’s fine. You play an invaluable role too.

Funding contributions to any given project are held in escrow until the whole amount is raised. It's all or nothing. Which means no success, no charges. Any contributions made to date will of course be refunded in full.

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