How It Works

WeSayWePay provides individuals with an alternative way to directly, or, crowd-fund, projects of local or personal importance. Think of WeSayWePay as a modern take on public subscription, or, pub or church, collections: An easy, secure, and, satisfying way of backing good people and ideas by friends, family, neighbours, networks, and, communities. It's about getting things done ourselves: not just relying on organisations and, institutions.


In recent years we've been alienated from the proverbial public square, not least by over-centralised and professionalised corporate practices in government (and even large charities). So now there’s an unhealthy dependence on state, and a sterile experience of participating in community life. What’s more, it’s unresponsive to our needs. As individuals we no longer have any real say over what we want to fund with our contributions in sweat, tax and gifts. Rather than let bureaucrats take the lead - or worse take liberties with our goodwill - we can use its powerful force for good in a directed way, to make things happen and get involved again. Ourselves.


Historically public subscription brought about the magnificent things our forefathers created - like libraries and village halls, the Open University and the BBC. These weren’t created because they had to be funded by tax, bank managers or handouts. We chose to make them happen for common good through goodwill and direct funding by people – because we wanted them.

And in this age of digital networks it's never been easier to think and be social ... and to participate.

Whether it's buying new kits for the soccer team, or, draining the village duck pond. Get Inspiration, WeSayWePay can go some way to creating the possibilities to make things happen when we choose to come together - bringing benefits closer to home - when we act.

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